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Custom Colour Match

Custom Colour Match Service

If you have already designed your kitchen or cabinetry and can’t find the perfect colour match or tone for the flooring, let us custom make the colour for you at no additional cost.

We can colour match from any Laminate, Melamine, Natural Timber Veneer, Carpet or Fabric.

In addition to colour, we can also offer custom surface finishes, such as textures, grain effects, natural knots, and splits as well as plank widths, lengths and thicknesses. Custom floors make a true statement of individuality and exclusiveness.


Talk to us about your next project.

In the meantime, here is a few more design details available to you with our custom planks.


Typical highly sanded plank offering a traditional smooth to the touch surface finish. 

Hand Scraped
Hand scraped

Hand-scraped floors refers to the process employed by our artisans to create a ‘distressed’ antique look and feel no two planks are identical.


Using metal gouges, chisels and hand planes each plank is individually crafted to create a refined aged texture that is still smooth to the touch. 

Wire Brushed
Wire brushed

Wire brushed hardwood floors are also known as ‘etched’ or ‘distressed’. The texture offers a deep grain effect and is ideal for areas with high traffic.

  • Raw: supplied uncoated and can be finished onsite

  • Lacquer finished

  • Oiled 


All our timber planks are handmade and sorted into various grades. By hand sorting we can control the number of natural characteristics such as knots and open splits that appear in timber floors.


Our Premium grade is a high-end contemporary finish with minimal knots and defects. However, we can produce planks that are full of natural knots and defects offering an aged almost antique feel.


Since we hand sort, we can offer you a wide range of surface grades and characteristics and individually tailor the floor to match your design criteria. 

Distressed Edge
Distressed Edge

A distinctive edge that contributes to the vintage look and adds floor character.

Micro Bevel Edge
Micro Bevelled

Variations in a subtly bevelled edge which creates a versatile look and complements most decors.

Square Edge
Square Edge

Square edge ensures a virtually seamless finish for a sleek, minimalist and contemporary look.

Plank Size & Thickness
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