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Trojan Doors
Quality Engineered Hardwood Doors

Trojan Doors are synonymous with both quality and durability. Produced with a hardwood block board core, together with a stain grade Meranti or American White Oak veneer, our doors are both attractive and stable for the harsh Australian climate. With a history of performance for over two decades, you can be confident with a Trojan Door.

Available in custom sizes, thicknesses, and finishes

Fully engineered to withstand Australian conditions - ensuring durability

Certified to meet or exceed Australian standards

Offered in unglazed form or with a selection of glazed options

We can offer doors in any design and any size

We are proud to present a selection of our top-selling products in our gallery. However, we would be delighted to provide pricing for any custom designs you may require.


Our doors are available in both unglazed and glazed options, offering a variety of choices such as clear, translucent, and textured glass.

Pivot Doors

Nothing quite makes a first impression like a Pivot front entry door.

Pivot doors make an immediate statement whilst conveying elegance and style.

Also available in Meranti and American White Oak.

Glazed Entry Doors

Timber combined with glass, offering timeless contemporary and modern design options and decors.

Also available in Meranti and American White Oak.

Solid Entry Doors

Featuring the beauty of timber and the security of solid panels.

Our range of solid doors brings a warmth and natural sophistication to any home entry.

Also available in Meranti and American White Oak.

Colonial Doors

Be it a new build or renovation, our doors are produced to traditional sizes and specifications, offering authenticity in design and presentation. Also available in Meranti and American White Oak.

Internal Doors

Our internal range includes colonial Barn doors, Hamptons style shaker flat panel doors and contemporary translucent glass doors. Construction options include Solid HMR Particle Board, Solid HMR MDF, Semi Solid and Hollow Core.

This is a small selection only, talk to us for any custom designs you may need.

Also available in American White Oak.

White Pre-Primed

White Oak Doors

Meticulously crafted from premium American White Oak, these doors exude strength, durability, and natural charm.

With their impeccable finishes and attention to detail, our door range effortlessly elevates any space, adding a touch of timeless grandeur.

Some designs are suitable for internal and external use. Conditions apply.

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